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The Canary Islands are special autonomous community of Spain and are located off the northwest coast of Africa , about 100 kilometres (Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the closest to the mainland) from Morocco and the Western Sahara The Canary Islands, although technically coming under Spain and part of the EU , are autonomous with their own government and taxation systems. The total population is roughly 2.1 million with most of them living on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria

Each of the Canary Islands (and their satellite isles) are extremely different in feel. Some people love one island, but hate another. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and your island encounters may be totally different to the encounters of another. While some of them are real beach destinations, like Fuerteventura, others combine culture and Tenerife, nature and like Gran Canaria. Whereas La Palma is very beautiful with a tropical feeling.

All the islands of the Canary Islands have a volcanic history, which explains the black beaches of the islands. All the sandy beaches you will find on the islands are man made. The islands lie in the Atlantic Ocean , about 100 to 400 kilometres from Morocco and Western Sahara The Teide vulcano on Tenerife is the highest mountain of Spain, topping the Mulhacén in the Sierra Nevada by more than 200 metres. El Hierro saw the last volcanic activity on 2011, when an undersea volcano erupted just of the southern coast.

The Canaries are split into 2 different communities: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The following islands are part of Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

The following islands are part of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

The volcanic nature of the island of Tenerife meant that the land has few natural beaches. Those that exist are characterised by black sand created from the island’s volcanic rocks. The demand for tourist sun-bathing space, however, has led to the creation of resorts and man-made beaches, with golden sand having been imported in some cases. Some of the best beaches of Tenerife are Los Gigantes and San Juan in the west and Fañabe, in the South with its golden excellent facilities, s and showers. Also popular are Torviscas with its marina, Playa las Americas for its grey sandy stretches and los Cristianos’ beach. Candelaria in the east has a little black shingle beach. Up north Puerto de la Cruz has a beach with fine black sand, and at Santa Cruz golden sand has been imported for its Terasitas beach.

Getting there: Flights to Lanzarote from most major cities in Europe, as well as from the other islands, arrive at the Lanzarote Airport 5 km away from the capital, Arrecife. Ferries arrive at Playa Blanaca from Fuerteventura, La Palma, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria. Some of these ferries are legs of an overnight ferry from Cadiz , Spain.

The oldest of the Canaries, this island is known for its kilometers-long beaches of white sand and shallow, clear water, perfect for water-skiing, wind-surfing, fishing, or sailing. It has the longest coastline of all seven islands, spanning 340 kilometers, and is easily accessible by a 40-minute ferry from Lanzarote.

Fuerteventura is also notable for its dry climate, giant white sand dunes, and camels ready to give tourists a lift only a stone’s throw from the beach. One is reminded of the island’s close proximity to Africa, particularly when visiting the Dunes National Park, where the tranquility of snaking dunes likens to a mini-Sahara.

On the eastern coast, you’ll find steep cliffs and coves which are perfect for snorkeling or scuba-diving, due to the subterranean trove of caves and rock formations. In the southern part, a region of virgin beaches called Jandía makes up one of the most important wild areas on the island. Almost all the beaches here are nude beaches and offer an experience of untouched nature away from the bustle of tourism, where hardly any roads can access. You can also take a short ferry-ride over to the Island of Lobos, a protected natural reserve where a great variety of bird and plant species can be spotted.

Getting there: Flights come into Fuerteventura Airport, 5 km outside of Puerto del Rosario, from the other islands and from most major European cities. Ferries arrive at Corralejo from Lanzarote, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria.

The most extraordinary sights on this island are its steep ravines of granite rock, which plummet from almost 2,000 meters high to meet the coastline. From just about anywhere you can appreciate the sheer force of nature that Gran Canaria has to offer. Its vegetation can be found in such far-away places as America, Europe, and Africa. You can explore a variety of flora in areas like Tejeda , with its lush green valleys of almond trees, and Mogan , a valley where tropical fruits are cultivated. There are also many fishing villages worth visiting for their mountainous sea views and small-town such as Agaete, charm and Arinaga. In the ancient city of Arucas, huge banana plantations, rocky coves, and volcanic areas form neighboring landscapes.

Don’t forget about the endless white sand beaches and turquoise waters, which can be enjoyed in Maspalomas , located next to an area of sand dunes, and also in Playa del Inglés, both of which Lanzarote make up the more popular areas for beach-going. For quieter beaches and pretty coves, try La Costa de Bañaderos or Playa de las Nieves, both of which offer incredible mountain views.

Tenerife is serviced by two airports: Tenerife North (TFN) and Tenerife South (TFS).

These airports receive a lot of flights from all over Europe , Tenerife South Airport having by far the most possibilities. Lowcost airlines like Easyjet (from London and Manchester ) and Ryanair have found their way as well, the last having most flights, including to/from Brussels , Dublin , Edinburgh , London , Glasgow , Madrid , Porto and Weeze (near Düsseldorf ).Lanzarote

Numerous other airlines serve Tenerife South though, the choice is wide.

Tenerife North Airport (TFN) is located about 10 kilometres from the city. Tenerife North mainly serves other Canary Islands , cities in mainland Spain , and several cities in Germany Also, two airlines fly here to/from Caracas in Venezuela

Lanzarote Airport (ACE) is the third busiest airports of the islands, follwed by Fuerteventura Airport

Trasmediterránea provides ferries from Cadiz in Spain to and from the Canary Islands.

Naviera Armas runs weekly services between Portimao in mainland Portugal to Madeira and on to Tenerife, with connections to other Canary Lanzarote, Isl, like Gran Canaria and s.

The Canary Islands are linked by a smaller airline called Binter Canarias , which also has a flight to Marrakech from a couple of the islands.

A tram linking Santa Cruz bus station and La Laguna opened in 2007 costing €2.35 return in about 40 minutes. There are also plans for a train linking Santa Cruz and Los Cristianos.

To rent a car is the best option for discovering the remote wilderness regions.

Buses are the most typical method of public transportation around the islands. Mile per mile they are expensive while compared to mainland Spain but you are not going to travel really far away. We are, after all, islands. Most buses in touristic routes are adequate. Do not expect the drivers to know more than a couple of sentences in English or German, though they would try to be helpful.

Trasmediterránea and Fred Olsen , are the primary operators between the Canary Islands of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

An excursion by car around the island will take you to such places as Breña Baja on the east, a series of small coves with transparent waters which include the popular Playa de Cancajos. In the southernmost point, you will find the town of Fuencaliente , which is filled with pine trees, vineyards, and volcanic craters. On the western coast, towns such as Puerto de Naos and Tazacorte have picturesque ports and attractive beaches. La Palma also has one of the world’s most important telescopes at the International Astrophysical Observatory, located close to the island’s highest mountain, Roque de los Muchachos.

Getting there: Direct flights to La Palma airport in the city of Santa Cruz de La Palma are available from mainland Spain, the other islands, and some cities in northern Europe. Ferries arrive in Santa Cruz de La Palma from Tenerife and Gran Canaria

This is the smallest island of the Canaries, as well as the least populated and least traveled, making it a perfect spot for those wishing to get away from it all and experience nature to its fullest. Its clean beaches and mountain scenery offer a relaxing, non-package tourist vacation.

A plateau and mountainous area make up the central part of the island, where rises up as the highest peak. From here, you can admire the views of the gulf, forests, volcanic craters, and of the entire island. The coast also offers a fascinating and unfamiliar sight with its cliffs jutting out from under the water, as if they were little crag islands. El Golfo is where the largest amount of cliffs can be found along with the some of the highest viewpoints of the area.

Other attractions on El Hierro include its natural swimming pools of tranquil water at Tamaduste and Monacal, both situated in the north. In La Frontera, separated from the rest of the island by mountains, you can taste some delicious products cultivated on its fertile lands: wines, smoked cheese, tortillas. A curious sight is the region of Sabinar, where the Sabinas, trees native to the island, can be seen. These trees are unlike any others, with their trunks bent over double and twisted into strange shapes by the strong winds of this region.

Arepas – tortas created from fine corn flour filled up with minced meats, cheese, or lovely mango.


Here Are Five Ways To Travel To China Better

A visit to China can be interesting and eye-opening. Culture, ways, and social ideas could be quite different from your very own.
The Zhangye Danxia Landscape — Red Rocks and Range Ridges
The good news is that our experience has shown all of us that seeing China on a budget doesn’t mean you have to rest on crappy beds and starve yourself (although I guess that would technically save you money).
You can remain comfortable traveling to China and save money at the same time.
The Guardian featured Zhangye’s Danxia Landforms in pictures, and called this fantastic landscape “China’s rainbow mountains”. Discover -mountains-china-in-pictures
I always keep one change of clothes and a toothbrush in my carry-on just in case We get delayed overnight. This also helps in case my baggage gets lost, which hasn’t happened to me yet in China but I’ve heard has happened with other travelers.
Visiting a foreign country can be an exercise in patience. May expect the locals you encounter to speak British. It might be a good idea to try to communicate in the language of the region you are visiting unless you make a large amount of pronunciation mistakes and confuse or insult people.
Avoid point at people or beckon with one little finger when you are communicating with them. Instead, motion with the palm of the hand.
I am just not saying that you should skip the Chinese capital of Beijing, just avoid linger. Lodging, food and activities all costs much less once you get out of the best cities and I would believe you’ll have an opportunity to see the actual China” instead of the touristy China”.
Use travel agencies to book your travels
Using a bit more time the Forehead of Heaven and its recreation area will transport you much deeper in to the culture of China, along with a tour of the Hutongs and the Summer Palace
A half hour later you finally arrive at the solution window and tell the individual your desired destination and she looks at you funny. Which means you start again with the different intonations and scribble straight down a few numbers to indicate the date. She finally gets it and prints you a ticket, and you wish for the life of you that she really put you on the right train and isn’t sending you away to Ürümqi or several equally remote place in northwestern China…
Teach tickets can be up to 75% cheaper than an airplane to the same destination.
Your fourth viewing platform is the largest viewing platform. It is on a ridge which runs from east to west. Sitting on the ridge and searching south you can feast your eyes on the variegated colours of Qicai Shan (七彩山 /chee-tseye shan/ ‘Seven-Color Mountain’). It is the perfect place for catching pictures of a sunrise or sunset.
The best time to visit Zhangye is from June to September when the weather is comfortable, as well as the combination of strong sun and a little rain brings out the colors more. The rest of the yr is very dry. Zhangye is certainly well below freezing and windy in winter — not recommended.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong airport also provides a great gateway to China, and Hong Kong should at least be counted corresponding to Shanghai among China’s top tourist cities. It rarely ever comes behind Shanghai meant for modern and colonial background, and surpasses Shanghai using its food, beaches, hills, and island parks.
Travel by Train…and Book On the web
Intended for traditional backpacker travelers, this really is a no-brainer. If you’re used to luxury travel” however , this might not be such an apparent tip.
If you are a foreigner, you will likely be looked at and photographed numerous times throughout the day. Sam proved to be particularly popular with locals particularly when walking through the markets- maybe it’s the red hair and the freckles?!
China’s west and extreme north could almost be considered since different countries for going to separately. The Muslim northwest, and Inner Mongolia aren’t recommended for a first go to, as they are not representative of China, and travel, climatic, and other conditions are harsher than places recommended over.
An initial trip to China should be about seeing the highlights, and maybe testing the water, deciding what you would like to see more of later on. Whether it’s the culture, the architecture, the landscapes, or something else, China offers an unmatched depth to be charted. As a result we recommend saving the discovery of the less-accessible things are interested in for another trip.
There is certainly another Danxia park in Zhangye – Binggou (Ice Valley) Danxia Park, which is a bit farther from Zhangye City (1 hour) than the national geological park.
They will cater to travelers, so they provide great travel resources
Keep gender separation: Don’t tremble hands with the opposite gender.
Even those of us who have been eating local food for years can have a sudden reaction while traveling. I like to call it Mao’s Revenge” and I really hope you never have to experience this. To make matters worse, public toilets in most Chinese metropolitan areas are neither commonplace nor sanitary.
If you are a foreigner new to them, Chinese language are not quite sure what you’ll do when they invite you to a meal. Amongst themselves, who the sponsor is to be is clear from the circumstance. The elder or older person will do the welcoming and be the host.
Many people don’t realize that bank costs are a silent killer to budget travel. You don’t see them until you get home. The worst part is that it seems such as an unavoidable problem, but it can not.
In China, restaurant bills are never shared. They don’t proceed Dutch. ” The person hosting might be embarrassed if you nick in. However , if you have asked people out yourself, it is expected that you spend on the entire bill.
No longer exchange money at the airport. This goes for anywhere around the world, and China is no different. It’s tempting to change money here but it’s best to avoid it if at all possible. The exchange rates are awful. At the very least, exchange just enough to get a taxi to your hotel.
Have a coat even in summer to wear in the morning and in the evening, as the temperature drops rapidly at night. A nose and mouth mask or scarf will help force away the strong, dry and dusty wind. Wear a hat, sunscreen and great walking shoes. Shoes with low-cut uppers are not recommended as there is sandy ground.
Provide lots of food for long train journeys
Great Buddha Temple is a vintage temple from the Western Xia Dynasty, over 1, 000 years ago It has China’s largest indoor reclining Buddha. The Great Buddha’s finger alone may accommodate a sleeping person. The statue’s ears are 2 meters long and big enough to carry eight people. It is made of soil and wood. It measures 34. 5 meters long and 7. 5 meters large.
The experienced tour guides can teach you about relevant points of Chinese etiquette and lifestyle and help you have a smooth and enjoyable trip. Consider touring with our guides particularly if this is your first trip.
Formal banquets (e. g. wedding or business meeting) tend to have a marathon number of meals so pace yourself.
They are going to help you enjoy yourself, and you’ll find out more about China and the Chinese than you might be able to learn on your own. This is valuable understanding that you can apply on your following trip to China as a tourist or perhaps for serious business or employment.
When utilizing a toothpick, use your free hand to cover the mouth area.
Similar to Western cultures, alcohol is a big part of the dining experience. I personally think that China – like many Asian cultures – go a little overboard. There’s an almost college mentality at work: The more your guests drink, the better (and if they have a tendency want to, we’ll bunch peer pressure them! ). I think a big reason is usually that Asian cultures often be less expressive and more formal-getting wasted with your new friend is not only a bonding experience, but is the only way that several feel comfortable enough to allow their hair down and just relax.
Wait for host to make the first toast before drinking. But speed yourself, because afterwards, everybody takes turns making toasts (a seemingly never-ending circular of toasts). You’ll observe that every time your glass is getting close to being empty, someone will have already filled up.

Six Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve The Way You Travel To India

Calangute Beach, Goa you might think it’s too bustling, busy, possibly even dirty, if this is your viewpoint however, prepare to have it changed completely.
Despite India’s peculiar reputation for unsanitary conditions, the Centers for Disease Control’s health recommendations are for the most part standard for Asia. In addition to the standard battery of shots, the CDC recommends typhoid and polio, and anyone pursuing outdoor adventure sports should add rabies and Japanese encephalitis. In addition, anyone not trekking in the Himalayas should bring antimalarial medication, as well as deep-woods insect repellent for both malaria and other insect-borne diseases. Indian tap water should be treated as suspect throughout the national country.
How to travel to India: Depending on what part of the country you want to visit you have a choice of five major destinations – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa or Kolkata. The cheapest flights from the UK are often to Delhi or Mumbai. Check Skyscanner for current flight prices, a return flight from London to Delhi should cost something between £350 and £450.
One of the scenically beautiful places is the Kovalam along the Arabian Sea which is very famous for its coconut trees all around adding to its charm! The beach is among the top 10 for the kind of attraction it serves with the 3 most amazing points: the Light House Beach with beams lashing on the rivers, the Hawah Beach with fishing activities and the Samudra Beach with a big promontory which looks really exciting.
When to go: India’s climate varies massively and the time of year you are free to travel should definitely effect where you choose to go – you would be mad, for example, to be in Rajasthan in June or July or in Ladakh in February.
The menus frequently encountered in Indian restaurants represent a mishmash of regional dishes found throughout India, so just like Italy or Spain, India gives foodies an opportunity to sample authentic dishes in the specific area that created it. The heavily-spiced rice dish biryani, for example, has regional variants from Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Lucknow and more. Vindaloo, one of the most incendiary dishes on the menu in a western Indian restaurant, is a Goan dish meant for Portuguese palates distinctly. However, one should be aware that Indian fare in India will prove a disappointment sometimes. India is a very poor country in many respects, resulting in even restaurants oriented toward tourists using inferior ingredients sometimes. Eating out in India can be a very miss or hit affair.
It felt like we’d been fired into a giant urban pinball machine, ricocheting through streets choked with taxis and roaring buses; scooters zigzagging through the mayhem and the whole scene throbbing with horn blasts and exhaust fumes. Any signs of culture shock? Not yet. In fact, Joe and Ellie spent most of the journey wide-eyed and giggling. Perhaps it was all too familiar – a real-life version of Super Mario Karts…
Food: Unless you are in a restaurant you often have to haggle when buying food as vendors will try to rip you off. Water should cost between 15/20 RS, the price is on the bottle always. A glass bottle of coke costs 10RS and toilet roll normally costs around 30RS. Malai kofta is probably my favorite Indian meal but I recommend trying as much local as possible, street food is the cheapest option. Cheap bananas can be bought and these are great snacks for long journeys everywhere.
Everything else: Very rarely are prices fixes or fair in India, you need to haggle almost all of the time as everyone is trying to rip you off.
The Island of Lakshadweep represents some of the most exquisite beaches and the marine life there is awesome with beautiful clear waters for swimming and diving and coral reefs that are a must watch for the tourists! Some of the popular beach spots are Bangaram Islands, Minicoy, Agatti, Kadmat and Kavaratti Islands that surely depict heavenly beauty landed on earth! The popular sports activities include scuba diving, water boats drive and Parasailing.
Else, access to auto and cabs rickshaws is simple depending on the distance and your budget. Trains are a great way of seeing the Indian cultural and physical topography! Now! Enjoy the the majority of what India has to offer. As I said earlier, you might find the place slightly hot in the summer or little over crowded or the food too spicy but that’s India for you. Here’s a list of things you are going to hate about India and here’s yet another list why you will love India I hope this how to travel to India guide has been useful.. Feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you.
I encourage all visitors to understand that more than 80% of India’s population are of Hindu faith or believe in Dharma; this implies that most everyone believes that by living virtuously, they will attain a higher level of being in their next life. In other words, the poor men even, women and children of India live happily, so try not to dwell on their poverty; they don’t. Arrive knowing that India is a different place and recognize it for its beautiful people, vibrant culture and exciting history
Bombay is another famous Indian city, and it is very child-friendly to boot. Nehru Science Planetarium and Centre is a good spot to head, as well as the Children’s Science park, for hands-on, educational fun.

Why You Need To Travel To Italy (2)

Italy encompasses a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, giving the nation thousands of miles of coastline. The country is surrounded by the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas to its west, the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas to its south, and the Adriatic Sea to its east. Along its northern land borders, Italy shares a connection with the nations of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.
When is the best time to visit Italy? From my experience of holidaying in Italy many times and now from living here, without hesitation I can say that it is during the Spring and Autumn months.
So this week, our little group of mischievous expat bloggers (COSI: Crazy Observations by Stranieri in Italy) has made some recommendations for offbeat summer travel in Italy. Not the usual recommendations, but moving down the list a bit to the sites and towns where the average tourist rarely treads.
In fact, if this is you, take this time to pat yourself on the back. And read this girl’s story traveling to Paris for a weekend after her boyfriend dumped her right before the trip.
Northeast Italy: The beautiful canals of Venice can be found in northeast Italy, along with some of the nation’s first-class ski resorts. There are also the historical cities of Parma and Verona to visit as well.
Tuscia is also the integral part of the Franciscan Road,” the ancient religious itinerary through which the pilgrims entered the town of Rome. It had to be performed on foot and usually with a group, carrying the insignia of the pilgrimage, which was the Key of Saint Peter.
I have yet to meet an Italian whose idea of a weekend break or summer vacation isn’t being on the beach. This together with the fact that Italian schools are closed from July and most businesses in Italy shut down from mid-July to the 1st of September (some smaller family businesses, such a “panifico” – bread bakers – or bars in a small town, doing so in rotation) implies that you will find most of Italy along its coast during the summer.
On the opposite finish of the weather spectrum is winter, which might mean wearisome rain or pretty snowy hillsides (depending on wherever you are). Skiers could also be a lot of curious about winter visits to at least one of Italy’s several ski resorts, and budget travelers could also be keen to require advantage of the much-lower costs accessible throughout the winter – however it are often quite cold and wet, thus it’s not essentially the best time for things like hiking in Italy or taking long, romantic strolls through city.
An agriturismo
Farm-stays can be a great way to save on both accommodation and food
This location marks the beginning of the now traditional way in which popes are chosen, the so-called conclave. In 1268 after the death of Pope Clemens IV, the eighteen voting cardinals gathered in Viterbo to elect the new pope. After months of unsuccessful deliberations, it was suggested that the group be sequestered in this palace until a new pope was agreed upon. To inspire them further, they reduced their rations to bread and water. Then in a last desperate act, they removed the roof (scoperchiamento) to allow the Holy Spirit to enter the chambers and guide the cardinals in their decision. (Just when you think that religion can’t get any stranger…)
The Necropolis of Monterozzi
Coastal stretches of Italy often experience warm temperatures during the summer months (June, July, and August), as do the inland valleys such as Tuscany. Making matters worse in many of these areas, the summer months are often dry. Spring (April/May) and fall (October/November) offer the best chance to enjoy both warm days and cool nights. Rain is possible during these stretches, but the temperatures make it simpler to enjoy Italy’s outdoor attractions.
Caffè Cibrèo, address: Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 5r. Quintessential Florentine place free of charge or a light aperitif, I it’s all class but comfortable at the same time. Take a book and sit on the exterior patio to see the morning rush at Sant’Ambrogio market.
Another off-the-beaten-path way to experience Italian culture while saving money is to stay at a convent or monastery. They’re usually in beautiful, historic buildings; they can be in the heart of the town center, or out in the countryside; and you can’t get any more tranquil! Just make sure you read carefully. Some stays have curfews or rules (like no drinking or no noise after a specific hour), and they’re certainly not meant for individuals who want to party it up in their hotel room! For a double in a city center, expect to pay between about 60 and 100 euros per night.
Christmas – though it falls within the middle of Italy’s low season (winter), Christmas could be a well-liked time for several individuals to go to the country – which will mean associate unseasonal spike in costs. a lot of concerning Christmas in Italy
La Cite, address: Borgo S. Frediano, 20. The croissants are nothing to scream about but there is plenty of space to sit and work alone with actual functioning WiFi. My friends and I have often co-worked from this spot.
The Dying City of Bagnoregio
In the United States, bed and breakfasts tend to be on the pricey side. In Italy, though, they can be one of your cheaper options.
Festival in Italy
Again, don’t worry about returning home pale. I will never forget my first trip to Italy when, after a picnic lunch stop on the steps of the Duomo in the spectacular medieval town of San Gimignano in Tuscany, I returned to my apartment with a sun burnt neck! It was October!! And I only needed a cardigan for the evenings.
On one hand, there’s fully nothing like seeing an area all decked in its social function garb – particularly if the pageant could be a native one instead of one thing positioned on merely to draw in tourists. You’re already there on vacation, and once you’re obtaining held in a very pageant it’s not possible to want you’re anyplace however on vacation. Italy’s festivals (large and small) tend to involve music, fireworks, parades, and – here’s wherever things will get smart – food. Even the festivals that aren’t food-related to begin with perpetually find yourself having a crucial food element, and for several travelers that’s a significant point.
On the opposite hand, some festivals and holidays draw giant enough crowds that Hotel and hostel costs skyrocket since the range of vacant rooms dwindles. once fireworks ar concerned (as they thus usually are), your early bed time or the actual fact that your bedchamber overlooks the most sq. aren’t reaching to go well with the late-night revelries. In different places, holidays might mean early closing times (or entire closed days) on everything from restaurants and retailers to the terribly attractions you’ve come back to examine. reaching to pay only 1 day in Florence so realizing once you’re there that it’s Good Friday and plenty of stuff is closed isn’t reaching to cause you to a contented soul.
The Scenery
Check out the posts by friends in our #COSItaly group for more recommendations on offbeat summer travel in Italy and beyond. And if you would like to avoid making a brutta figura,” ensure that you check out our video on How to be a good little tourist in Italy,” which gives advice and tips on proper manners while visiting the bel paese.
Travel tips & recommendations
Though I don’t travel in the summer any more because I don’t have to any more, I have made it to three of your choices in the past. I did enjoy them. I have been to the Necropolis (there once was even a tour from Rome). I have stayed in Orvieto and visited St. Patrick’s well and also the underground” area of the town besideds the usual. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Monster Park wandering and then on to Villa Lanta (I think) gardents. Even though I paid for a private driver for this, it was a really good investment I thought.
A winter sunset in Maremma by Kaoscube
The great factor concerning shoulder seasons in Italy is that the weather is typically preponderantly nice and since it’s not the season you don’t run into the high costs on fare or accommodation. As a bonus, you furthermore mght don’t tend to induce stuck within the middle of giant crowds, either.
It’s also important to keep transport in mind: In most cities, public transport is infrequent (or nonexistent) at night and taking lots of cabs negate the whole attempt to save money!
It’s not right in Venice – but this agriturismo just outside the city, Villa Mocenigo, is a great (and beautiful) budget option
Still, sometimes, being off the beaten path can give you what you didn’t even know you wanted… at a cheaper price. Sometimes this might mean staying in one town over another in the same region, Like choosing Salerno over Sorrento on the Amalfi Coas t
If you avoid last minute bookings, flight prices in the spring and autumn are considerably cheaper than during the height of summer.
The Brewdog, via faenza 1. Besides the fact that this place has pretty damn good craft beer, the informal vibe and friendly bar-staff equals to fun for solo travelers craving a cold brew after a long day in town. I also like the fact that it is located on via faenza, a street that is growing in potential as a cool destination.
The price? 35 euros per person. Sure, we weren’t in Venice – but we were just a 20-minute drive from the city center. Since we were visiting Venice at the height of high season, that meant we not only got to save money, but that we were able to rest our heads somewhere tranquil, outside of the craziness of the center. While staying at a farm just outside Venice on a trip to see Venice might not be for everyone, it was for us.
• Be Respectful: Italians are accustomed to tourists and generally courteous. Keep in mind that Italian society is more formal than Northern European or English-speaking nations. Be mindful of this, and remain polite and civil.

Lanzarote Weather Forcast

Lanzarote Weather Forecast
The sun, the sea and the total change only a few hours away from the main European capitals is what you are going to find in Lanzarote. When the weather is still grey and cloudy at home, it’s hard to resist to the appeal of a week end or a week of holiday in the sun of Lanzarote.
Where is Lanzarote?
Lanzarote is part of the canary Islands and is ideally situated between Spain and Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s actually closer to Africa as it’s is 125k to the African coast and 1000k away from Spain. What is the capital of lanzarote ? Arrecife is. Situated in the centre-east of the island of Lanzarote, it gathers more than 50 000 inhabitants.
Lanzarote climate
Because Lanzarote is situated in hot and dry climate zone, you will have the chance to enjoy a warm climate all year which is mainly defined by its low raining rate. Due to the low altitude of the island, the humidity is also very low.
What are the temperatures in Lanzarote?
All year, the temperatures in Lanzarote are enviable. This is actually the reason why the Canary Islands have been called Islas Fortunadas” which you could translate by the Fortunate islands”. Winters are warm and summers are not too hot. And, least but not last, the humidity and rain is very low. For example, the lanzarote weather January reaches an average temperature of 17°. It usually doesn’t decrease anymore than that. What about Lanzarote temperature in the heart of summer? You can expect up to 25° in August.
Check out the weather conditions in Lanzarote todaylanzarote
Flights and accommodation in Lanzarote
And if you are willing to plan your holiday, you will be happy to find out that many airlines offer competitive rates to destinations such as Lanzarote and it is now easier than ever to organize your trip by finding a flight low cost rate and customer friendly prices for hotels.
What to do in Lanzarote?
When you are in lanzarote, give yourself the chance to visit puerto del carmen. The climate is excellent all year, and the city has 6 km of beautiful beaches. You’ll find all types of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. The Avenida de las Playas is the main artery and the center of nightlife in Lanzarote. Shops, restaurants, clubs and bars line this street, offering a wide selection of nightly entertainment. If you like sports, you will like what Puerto del Carmen has to offer you : waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, diving and tennis. You should also go to playa blanca lanzarote and enjoy Lanzarote bay.

I love Paris Whats not to love Its quaint, metropolitan, cultural, historical, and beautiful.

Here are my five favorite Paris tours that I hope you'll enjoy the next time you visit the city of lights!
The Paris Pass – While not really a Paris tour, the Paris Pass is your ultimate tool to seeing the best attractions in Paris.? Prices vary based on the dates and number of days the pass is valid.? Here's what you get:
Paris map
Free public transportation
Fast track entry to major sites like the Pantheon, Arc de Triomphe, Centre Pompidou, Musee d'Orsay, the Louvre and more!
Moulin Rouge – In my opinion, everyone should experience the dinner and show at Moulin Rouge at least once in their lifetime.? It's a great way to indulge in the exhilarating nightlife of Paris while you enjoy a three course dinner and witness the Paris Moulin Rouge, home of the French Cancan in bohemian Montmartre.? The food served is traditional French food and of course, wine and champagne.? It's important to book early, as this attraction is extremely popular.
Versailles Half-Day Tour – While I guess this shouldn't technically be in my post about Paris tours, but it is such a great experience that I think everyone visiting Paris should take.? You can experience the splendor of the Palace of Versailles with a wide range of half-day tours from Paris.? It is a wonderful way to retrace the history of the famous palace and learn more about Louis XIV.? Most tours include a chance to browse the marvelous gardens and witness the amazing Fountain Show.
Louvre Museum – I first visited the Louvre when I was 19 years old and the amazing works of art the museum contains captivated me.? You could easily spend an entire vacation in this magical place.? I recommend a guided tour to get the most out of the museum.? Be sure your tour will include seeing the Venus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
Eiffel Tower – It is so iconic, that you simply must visit the Eiffel Tower while in Paris.? I personally recommend an illumination tour so you can truly experience the marvelous city of lights.? On an illuminations tour, you watch Paris transform after dark.? Most tours include stops at the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero, Invalides, Notre Dame Cathedral and Place du Chatelet.
Paris tours abound and there is no shortage of ways to experience the city and keep busy.? I hope you get to enjoy your own Paris tours in the coming months – trust me, you won't be disappointed and make sure to visit my older blog post about tips on saving money in Paris and elsewhere as for you will find it to be very helpful!
I just got back from a London vacation that I booked with Virgin Vacations? I went on their 3 Night London Fling as my fiancé and I just wanted a quick trip before all the crazy wedding stuff starts.
It was amazing!? We had the best time and we were thoroughly happy with all the arrangements made through Virgin.? Our package included round trip air, 3 nights hotel (with private bath – which is a luxury in London), and continental breakfast.
Our flight arrived on time with no problems.? We immediately made our way from the airport, into the city to the K West Hotel & Spa.? We were really happy with the locale of the hotel because it is situated in Shepherds Bush – which is about a 3-minute walk to the tube (the subway).? The hotel was awesome and had everything we need.? I can see why it has won the Best Hotel in London award in the past.
Some of the benefits of the hotel were:
Great location
Great, funky lounge with comfy oversized chairs
Awesome gym (even though we were only there for 3 days, I still made use of the gym cause I got to fit into my wedding dress!)
Some of the stuff we did during our three-day mini-trip!
Buckingham Palace – I've never been on a London vacation before so seeing the palace was tops on my list.? From May to July, they perform the changing of the guard daily. Definitely worth scheduling your trip around so that you can witness t!? Check for daily schedules.? Also, there is a changing of the guard at Windsor Castle that is similar to the Buckingham Palace display.? When I was there, it took place at 11:00am.
Camden Market – Since I'm a bit of a shopping nut, a friend suggested visiting Camden Market for at least a few hours.? Camden actually consists of six busy open air and indoor markets, each having a distinctive flavor.? Awesome to see the crowds, shops, bars and restaurants, you could easily whittle away several hours in this area!? Located in Camden Town, North West London.
London Walks – Of course…my fiancé and I wanted to experience British pub life so we went on London Walks (oldest urban walking tour in the world) – we took a nighttime walking tour to three different pubs in different neighborhoods.? It was awesome!? We got to meet some lively locals and made friends with other tourists.? Highly recommend this tour – especially if you are tight on time as we were.? They offer all types of different tours; check out for more info and pricing.
Why not book your own trip because a London vacation is an awesome way to spend your precious holidays!
I love Amsterdam? It is such a unique city that truly is unlike any other place I've visited.? Since I've been there a few times, I thought I'd give you my top five sites.
Museums – Amsterdam is home to many museums (I believe there are at least 37!).? So truly, you could spend your entire trip traipsing through amazing museums.? Visit Museum Quarter where you'll find three of the main museums, – Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.
Historic Sites – Amsterdam also has many historic sites worth viewing.? My favorite is Anne Frankhuis.? You get an opportunity to visit the actual building where Anne Frank, her family and friends hid during the German Occupation.? It is a somber place where you can see the once hidden rooms that contain memorabilia and the presence of these special people who spent two years of their lives hidden behind the walls.
Dam Square – When you travel to Amsterdam, a great starting place is Dam Square that lies in the centre of Amsterdam.? You will see locals and tourists all intermingling around the terrific shops, market stalls, cafes, bars and restaurants.? When in Dam Square, make sure you visit the Koninkliik Palace – this is where the Dutch royal family used to live and can be found on the west side of Dam Square.
Amsterdam By Canal – If you are taking the time to travel to Amsterdam, then you must explore the city from its unique canals.? The canals truly are one of Amsterdam's most famous attributes.? Three main canals surround the inner city: Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht.
Artis Zoo – Well, I'm a bit of a zoo fanatic and I had to visit the oldest zoo in the country.? Founded in 1838, Artis Zoo features an amazing aquarium (complete with a salt-water section and fresh water tank), a wonderful Planetarium, botanical garden, Zoological Museum and Geological Museum.? A really fascinating way to spend a day!
I hope you get the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam in the near future.? It is a wonderfully compact city (consider traveling around by bicycle as the city is very bike friendly) and there are many things to see and do!
As far as I'm concerned, going on a France vacation without visiting Provence is like having an ice-cream cone without the ice cream.? Provence is by far by very favorite part of France – a place I could visit again and again.?
Not only is Provence beautiful, but it is also a historically and culturally rich region with so many things to keep you busy every hour of the day.? Yet, my favorite part of Provence is the region's rich abundance of fresh produce and seafood accompanied by some of the best wine I've ever tasted (and so reasonably priced too!)
Provence stretches along both sides of the River Rhone from just north of Orange down to the Mediterranean, and along France's southern coast from the Camargue salt marshes in the west to Marseille in the east.?
It really is a wonderful place to visit no matter the time of year.? For much of the year you will experience bright, sunny and dry conditions.? The exception is the cold, dry winds of the mistral that strike southwards down the Rhone Valley.? The first time I experienced the mistral I was surprised how quickly it turned a wonderful spring day into a blustery, winter one.? Hopefully, your France vacation won't coincide with the unpredictable mistral winds that can reach speeds of more than 100km/hour and can damage crops, cause forest fires and keep everyone inside.? Typically, this weather condition is more common in winter and spring.
Provence covers a rather large area and it is broken up into five areas:
Marseille – Definitely worth a visit, Marseille features an old port, lively markets, wonderful and delicious harbourside restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.
Aix En Provence – Considered one of France's most graceful and popular cities it features a fusion of majestic public squares, shaded avenues and mossy fountains.? Located only 25kms from Marseille, why not pop by for an afternoon of sightseeing.?
Arles & The Camargue – Famed for being home to Vincent Van Gogh, one travel book I read said that it is easy to see why the painter may have found Arles both soothing and visually exciting.? I love the fact that little has changed since Van Gogh painted the city's winding streets and shady squares.? Bullfighting is very popular here and the city comes alive on fight days.
I love everything about Provence and dream of retiring there some day.? I hope you'll have your own opportunity to visit this wonderful land on a France vacation and gather up your own wonderful Provence experiences !
Just check out some of these incredible deals!
Paris – Why not spend four amazing nights in the City of Lights with the Paris Escape , a special four night package featuring roundtrip flight, 4 nights hotel accommodations, continental breakfast daily, and all mandated fuel surcharges.? Starting at only $849 per person (for travel during September and October – summer months slightly more expensive) makes this package in the budget for just about everybody!
Compare this with other travel sites that are offering similar packages for at least $100 more.?
London – London is an ideal summer vacation destination.? With loads to see and do, you can pack every minute with fun and frolic.? Virgin Vacations comes to the rescue with packages so affordable, you'll feel like you are living like a queen!?
Why not book Virgin's incredibly popular London's Six Night Fling package featuring roundtrip air to London, 6 night hotel accommodations with private bath, continental breakfast, hotel taxes and surcharges, and mandated fuel surcharges.? For the summer months, packages start at a reasonable $1299 per person, or hold off until early fall and visit in September or October for a mere $1029 per person plus airport taxes and fees.
London's Six Night Fling is an incredible value for six days in an incredible city!
Rome – There is nothing like Rome in the summer months.? Just imagine seeing the many historic sites, sipping cappuccinos at a roadside café and shopping in the amazing Italian shops.? Well, all that can be a reality with the Rome at Its Best package from Virgin Vacations.? Starting at only $899 per person, this package includes round trip airfare, six nights' hotel accommodations in Rome, continental breakfast daily, hotel taxes and surcharges, and mandated fuel surcharges.?
With rates this reasonable, Europe in style this summer doesn't have to be off limits!? Book your trip with Virgin Vacations today!
I recently discovered just how sticky airlines are getting when it comes to your baggage weight.? When my bag was being weighed at the check in counter, they discovered it was one pound over the weight limit.? This airline wouldn't let it slide because of the high cost of fuel.? So, my choices weren't great – either pay $50 or remove an item from my bag to bring it down one pound to under the limit
To help you determine the approximate weight of your suitcase before you end up in a sticky situation like I did, I've compiled this list of the weights of common items you might pack when you travel.
Jeans – Of course, the bigger the person, the more the jeans will weigh, but generally, a pair of jeans weighs one pound.
Books – Again, it depends on the book, a hard cover weighs more than a paperback.? A trade paperback book weighs about a half a pound.
Sweater – A heavier weight sweater can weigh as much as a pound. So if you pack a lot of sweaters and jeans, you can quickly add to the weight of your suitcase.
Shampoo – Taking full bottles of 500ml conditioner and shampoo could add as much as pound and a half to your weight limit.? Consider taking travel size toiletries to ensure you stay under the limit.? If you are concerned that your toiletries are weighing you down, do what a friend of mine does – when you arrive, buy all the essentials you'll need for the duration of your stay (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, hairspray etc).
Shoes – Women typically take many pairs of shoes with them on trips.? While a pair of flip-flops won't send you over the limit, your running shoes or hiking boots just might.? Sneakers range from a half pound to a pound.? Take only what you will need!
Jackets or coats – Try not to pack your jackets or coats, because they can be incredibly heavy (particularly leather).? Instead, wear your jacket or coat on the plane.? You are allowed to bring one jacket or coat with you onboard, so why waste valuable baggage allowance by storing it in your suitcase.
Hair Dryer – Don't bother with your hairdryer if you are going to be staying at a chain hotel.? Most hotels have hairdryers in their bathrooms or you can borrow one from the front desk.? Keeping your hairdryer at home will save you one to two pounds.
Souvenirs – If your suitcase was underweight when you left for your trip but you purchased many souvenirs, consider shipping them instead of flying them home.? Other options are to pack them in your carry on, or purchase an inexpensive additional bag and check two bags.? Remember, you need to know your airlines' policy because they may only allow one bag per person!
The Suitcase – If you have a heavy-duty hard shelled suitcase it is going to weigh significantly more than a nylon one.? On average, a 26 upright suitcase with wheels weighs between four and five pounds.
One way to determine if your suitcase is in the allowable range is to weigh yourself holding onto your suitcase and then weigh yourself without the suitcase.? Of course, the difference between the two weights is the weight of your filled suitcase!
Next time you travel, pack wisely and know the airlines baggage allowance rules BEFORE you end up at the airport.? It will save you money, time and allow you a stress free check in.? Happy travels !
Italy is a popular spot for summer vacations.? I was lucky enough to live and study in Italy for three years and I took full advantage and went on many tours in Italy.? A friend is heading there this summer, and she asked me to list my five favorite Italian tours (they are not ranked – that would be way too hard!).? Since she was so interested, I thought I'd write out this list and put it on the Internet for all to see!
Venice Sightseeing Tour – Everyone should visit Venice at least once in their lifetime.? If you are short on time in Venice, I recommend a three-hour sightseeing tour that includes a scenic boat tour on the waterways of Venice.? Be sure to pick a tour that includes going past the San Giorgio Maggiore, the Public Gardens, the tip of Sant' Elena and the Lido beach resort.? You might want to choose a tour that includes a visit to the lagoon islands of Murano, Burano or Torcello.
Chianti Tour – Consider a bus tour to Greve in Chianti. The one I went on, organized through Virgin Vacations , included a stop to the ancient hamlet of Montefioralle and we had a chance to view the towers of the ancient castle.? Once in Greve, take a tour of the village and be sure to visit and taste the delicacies of a local butcher shop, such as Falornis.
Best of Tuscany – To see Tuscany in the shortest possible time, I recommend a best of Tuscany tour.? These tours are about 9 hours in length.? The one I went on had us visiting Siena and San Gimignano.? Of course, any Tuscany tour needs to give you an opportunity to view olive groves, vineyards and the iconic Tuscan views.? Be sure to take the opportunity to taste the great wines and savor a delicious gourmet Tuscan meal.
Ancient Rome Tour – No trip to Italy would be complete without a stay in Rome.? Consider booking an ancient Rome tour that will take you through Capitol, the Roman Forum, Capitol Hill, and the Titus Arch.? The tour I enjoy included a bus portion passing by the Primade Cestia, and St. Paul's where the Apostle of the People is buried.? With so much history in Rome, it can be difficult to choose a tour because you want to see and do everything!
Ancient Ostia – If you are a history or archaeological buff, a hidden treasure tour to add on to your stay in Rome is a trip to Ostia.? Just 30 minutes from the Capital, is an extraordinary archaeological site – Ancient Ostia.? This was the city harbor founded by the ancient Romans at the mouth of the Tiber, later it was hidden by flood and oblivion for years.? Its remnants are unbelievably preserved and give you an amazing view of the Roman civilization and evolution.? Definitely a tour not to be missed.
I hope this brief review of five of my favorite Italy tours will help you with your Italian vacation planning.? It is an amazing country that you could visit time and time again and never run out of things to see and do!
Paris is an amazing city that really cannot be truly appreciated in a short trip.? One way to really enjoy the city is to plan an extended stay.? If you can spare the time, working, studying or volunteering in Paris is a terrific way to immerse yourself in the Parisian culture.
Working – If you are currently a student or recent grad, you can apply for a work permit that will allow you to work in the city.? Otherwise, France won't grant you a work permit unless you already have a French employer who can convince immigration official that they positively need you, and not a native French person to fill the position.? One very real way to get work is to find a job teaching English to Francophones.? The city has hundreds of private language schools throughout the city.? Each school will have its own requirements for teachers – for example, you may need a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate and some schools require experienced teachers.? From my research, your best time to look is in the late summer, since schools start around the beginning of October.
Another popular job is to be an Au Pair for a family and to work as a nanny.? Au Pair Abroad arranges board and lodging for people between the ages of 18 and 26 to work as nannies for three to 18 months in France.? There is a lengthy interview process, but it can result in a great posting and a wonderful way to meet and live with locals.
Volunteering – Volunteering is an amazing way to give back and give yourself the opportunity to experience Paris first hand.? Some ways to find volunteer opportunities in Paris are the Voluntary Services Department in NY that offers two to four week environmental or community service projects around the globe.? You have to pay a placement fee in order to get an assignment.
WorldTeach is a program run out of Harvard University and it offers wonderful volunteer opportunities for anyone wanting to teach in Europe, Africa, Central America and parts of Asia.? You need a college degree and a willingness to commit to at least one year.
Studying – Studying in another country like France, is an amazing way to understand the culture, meet the locals and improve your language skills.? There are many U.S. sponsored programs or you can enroll in programs sponsored by a European organization.? It is important to thoroughly research any program as they all vary greatly in terms of academic quality, expenses you must cover, exposure to language and living conditions.? If you are currently enrolled in a University, contacting them first to see what they have on study abroad programs in France is probably your best first step.
I hope you get an opportunity to travel to Paris as it is one of my all time favorite cities.? Whether you choose to work, study, volunteer or vacation in the city, there really is nothing quite like Paris!

Have you ever been to Las Vegas

First of all Vegas travel packages can help you set up your vacation so you get to see what you want to see in Vegas and not just what you happen to stumble upon. Trust me, Vegas is a big place and if you have specific things in mind that you want to see and do then not only do you need to get a Vegas travel package to help you see and do all of those things.
However, in many cases reservations and other arrangements are needed to get in and it is hard to get some of those reservations on your own. So a Vegas travel package can get you into the shows you want to see, into the restaurants you want to eat in, and get you a room in the hotel you want to stay in. The rest can be up to you.
Like a Big Shot
In Vegas the big time gamblers are called whales. Each and every hotel has someone who's only job is to get as many whales into the casino as possible. Whales get everything they could ever want and all they have to do is gamble. So what about the rest of us fish in the sea? A well planned out Vegas travel package can make you feel like a whale on a tuna's budget.
Many Vegas hotels offer packages to the average gambler that includes limo rides to and from the airport, complimentary food, and complimentary shows and other attractions. Just find the hotel you want to stay in and tell them that you are a little fish that thinks like a whale and you want to be treated like a king.
Vegas is the ultimate adult playground and even when you think you know Vegas you soon find out you don't know Vegas. So when you make arrangements to travel to Vegas you are going to want to get a Vegas travel package either from a travel agent or directly from a Vegas hotel because you will reap the rewards of planning ahead and in Vegas reaping rewards can be a beautiful thing.
Getting the Obvious Out of the Way
Travel tour packages save you money in so many ways that the thought of not taking advantage of them seems almost crazy. First of all your package tour will save you money because they get discount rates on everything because travel tour packages are usually bought in bulk. So you would not be the only person going on your particular type of vacation.
You and your family may be going on your own but the travel agency has sold a lot of vacations just like yours so that they can offer them at discount prices. Usually important things like food and beverages and potentially even rental cars are included in travel tour packages all at one low price. There are also usually package deals waiting for you when you get to your destination as well so take advantage of the savings.
Getting to Know You
Let's say you want to travel to Spain on your own. If you book your own vacation, and you have never been to Spain, you could be in for several surprises when you get there that you never saw coming. If you use a travel tour package then all of the things you will see and do are outlined for you so you get to become familiar with the new area without getting lost or confused.
If you see things off the beaten path that you want to check out, or other things that you became familiar with while on your travel tour package, then you can come back with full confidence that you know exactly what to look for and exactly what to do.
No Problem, Sir
A travel company has a responsibility to you when they sell you a travel tour package that includes helping out when issues come up. Sometimes you lose your cash, sometimes your hotel reservations get messed up, or sometimes you can lose your luggage or the airline thoughtfully loses it for you. If any of these things come up while you are on a travel tour package you can contact your travel agency and get them taken care of. Good luck trying to get some of those things taken care of on your own.
No Fooling Around At the Airport
Each airport also has its own series of travel safety tips that involve protecting the people in and around the airport. Some of those travel safety tips involve how you can pack your bag, what kinds of bags you can have, and how you are allowed to load and unload your bags. Always make sure you know the airport rules before you get to the airport.
Money, Money, Money
Always travel with as little cash as possible. Tourists are targets for criminals in some areas and the less cash you have the safer you will be at least where your finances are concerned. Always covert the majority of your money into traveler's checks or use your credit card when possible. If traveler's checks get stolen then they can be replaced and if your credit card gets stolen then it can be canceled and then replaced for you. All of this makes your trip much easier and reduces your risk of loss on your trip.
Be Aware of the Local Culture
When you are in a different part of the world, or even a different part of your country, you always want to be aware of local customs and the things that could be misinterpreted as dangerous by the locals. For example, if it is frowned upon to wear a baseball hat backwards, or even considered a gang symbol, where you are then avoid that behavior while you are in that country. I know it seems like something strange to worry about but the more you know about where you are the less likely you are to accidentally get in trouble.
Every year in America, millions travel back and forth from their home to visit family and friends, or even just to see new places. When traveling in any country, there are always things to watch out for, and circumstances that you should prepare for. Traveling in America is no different. That is why we have compiled the top travel tips for American travelers.
Whether you are a US citizen or an international traveler, there are still many travel tips here that will help you to make you trip much more enjoyable. A good rule of thumb has always been to be prepared for any eventuality; this has never been more important than when traveling.
When In Doubt, Follow Your Instincts
One of the first travel tips we want you to have when traveling in America, is to always stick with well known roads and travel routes. Unfortunately, many of this country's original roads are still on the maps. But many of them lead right into the middle of nowhere. This can be a great adventure if you are well prepared. But please don't ever rely on these old side roads unless you've made certain that you're prepared for any eventuality such as breaking down or running out of gasoline.
Also, if you are in an unfamiliar area, and you don't feel comfortable or safe, good travel tips to remember will always tell you to follow your gut reaction. If a place doesn't seem safe for you to be, it probably isn't. Whatever you do, don't get out of your vehicle or roll down your window for anyone. If you are lost, drive around until you find a well lit police station before asking for directions.
Call Ahead
The best travel tips we can offer American travelers (or simply travelers in America) is to always call ahead to let people know your estimated travel timetable. This way, if anything does happen, there will be someone waiting on the other end who can send for help if you don't show up when you said you would.
Other great travel tips for any traveler, regardless of which country you are in, is to always make certain that you have as many forms of identification as possible with you. Also, be sure that you have your insurance cards, an emergency cell phone, and any prescription medications that you may need. Although we all hope they don't, accidents do happen, and it is always best to be prepared.
Lists, Lists, and More Lists!
The very first of the travel packing tips we wanted to give you, is to always make certain that you make a list of everything you think you'll need while on your trip. Lists are the best way to keep track of all the things you will need, as well as of all the things you have already packed. As you are packing your suitcase, be sure that you place a check mark next to each item. This will help you to keep track of what has and hasn't been already packed.
Make Copies
The second of the travel packing tips we have brought you today, is the fact that you should make copies of all of your important papers before you leave. Carrying around your license and passport is necessary in most places when you travel. Unfortunately, this leaves many travelers in an awkward position if their bags or wallets are stolen. What a terrible predicament to be in – stranded in another country without any proof of who you are.
This has happened to a great many travelers; which is why one of the most important travel packing tips we will ever offer is that you make copies of all of your important papers, and leave them in a safe place such as your luggage in your hotel room, or in the hotel safe. This way, if the unthinkable happens, and your original papers are stolen, you can easily go to your consulate or driver's license bureau and receive replacements.
Be Prepared
The last of our travel packing tips that we want to offer you is that you should always be prepared for any eventuality. That means to be sure to pack clothing for any type of weather, as well as making certain that you have extras of any prescriptions you or your family may need, in the event your stay lasts longer than originally planned.
Getting caught in a freak cold snap, or having to track down a pharmacist to fill an out of state or country prescription can put an unnecessary damper on travel plans. Making certain that you have at least taken every precaution you can to prevent this from happening is one of the best travel packing tips that anyone can have.
If you are looking to make travel plans, you should look into purchasing one of the many travel packages available to almost every destination in the world. These packages most generally include flight and hotel reservations, but can also include activities such as sightseeing tours, and local attractions.
When purchasing travel packages, there are a number of things that you should look for in order to make certain that you are getting the best deal for your money. Even though most companies are very upfront and honest about what is included in each of their packages, some travel companies do not disclose every cost you might incur. We have compiled a list of things that you should look for when purchasing one of these travel packages, so that you can be certain you have gotten the best deal for your money.
All Inclusive Packages
When purchasing travel packages, it is important to make certain that everything you will need while on vacation is included in the original price. Most travel packages will include your airfare and hotel reservations for your trip; but occasionally you will find that, although the reservation for your rooms was made, the cost of your rooms was not included in the price of your travel packages. Having to pay these expenses out of your pocket once you arrive can be quite expensive, and extremely frustrating.
Always make certain that you get it in writing what your travel packages will include. This way if you end up incurring any expenses that you were told were included, you will have legal recourse against the company that sold you your package, and can get your money back.
It is also possible to purchase travel packages that have tickets and passes to local tourist attractions included in the price. Always make certain that the dates and times on these tickets and passes fit in with the rest of your travel plans before you pay the added expense. Often, the savings you can get by making these a part of your travel packages is negligible in comparison to the regular price. So if the dates and times aren't convenient for you; you may be better off just buying them yourself when you're ready.
Travel packages are easy to find no matter where it is you'd like to travel. Whether you want to go out of the country, or just a few states away to visit relatives, travel packages are making it more affordable for families to travel all throughout the year.
If you're looking to take a vacation, but your budget is a bit tight, you should consider purchasing a travel package. These packages generally allow you to travel for a huge discount over what you would pay if you purchase every part of your trip separately. A travel agent can set you up with a travel package that will include every part of your trip; from airfare, to hotel reservations, to tickets for local shows and attractions.
Below, we have brought you some of the most important things that your travel package should include, and tips on how to make certain that you will get them. Remember, planning a vacation doesn't have to be a chore. Your travel agent or one of the many online travel companies can set you up with a great travel package that will allow you to experience the vacation of a lifetime.
A good travel package should always include your airline reservations both to and from your selected destination. The price difference between purchasing a travel package that has airfare included, and buying a plane ticket on your own, can be the difference of several hundred dollars. And you needn't worry about getting a cheap seat, either. If you like, you can purchase a travel package that includes first class airfare. Even though you will pay a bit more for these packages, they are well worth it when you consider what a plane ticket alone can cost you.
Hotel Reservations
Your hotel reservations should also always be included in whatever travel package you purchase. These can be anything from moderately priced rooms, to first class accommodations. You can even purchase travel packages that include accommodations in a spa or other resort. These packages may be a bit more expensive, depending on the exclusivity of your destination; but it is still cheaper to purchase a travel package for one of these resorts, rather than make reservations on your own.
Local Attractions
When you purchase a travel package, you should also ask if there is any way you can have tickets and passes to local tourist attractions included in the fee. Often you can get a discounted rate on these tickets if you purchase them in a package deal. The savings may not be much compared to regular price, but if you are planning on visiting these places anyway, it doesn't hurt to save a penny or two.
Get It in Writing
Whenever you purchase a travel package from a travel agent or an online travel company, be sure that you get everything that your package includes in writing. Getting to your destination only to find that there are undisclosed charges you will have to cover out of your pocket can put a damper on any vacation.
If this is your first time traveling across country, there are some things that you should know. That is why we have brought you the very best travel advice for first time trekkers found anywhere. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, it's always a good idea to brush up on the basics from time to time.
You've undoubtedly received travel advice from many people along the way, and it is a good idea to pay attention to each bit of advice you receive. Each traveler has different experiences along the way, and can offer unique and valuable advice to anyone who is trekking cross country for the first time. Take a look here at just a few of the great travel advice tips our team of seasoned travelers was able to bring you, and help to make your first trip a great one!
Take an Emergency Auto Kit
If you are traveling across country by automobile, the most important piece of travel advice we can offer you is to always be prepared. An emergency auto kit is a relatively inexpensive way to help ensure that you don't get stranded out in the cold. Be sure that you have plenty of food, blankets, and water, just in case.
A good emergency auto kit should include a small toolkit for emergency repairs, flares to place around your vehicle in the event you break down at night, a tire plug kit to help plug a small nail-hole until you can get to a service station, a portable air compressor, and a full gas can. Taking this bit of travel advice can end up saving you from having to spend the night in the middle of nowhere because of a needed car repair.
Follow Your Instincts
When it comes to staying in motels, or taking shortcuts on the road, there's no better guide than your own instincts. The best travel advice for staying in unknown hotels and motels, is if it looks seedy, it probably is. Throughout the country, you can find out of the way hotels that are rather nice; but on occasion, one will cross your path that doesn't exactly look like an inviting place to stay. Avoid these places if at all possible.
The second best piece of travel advice we can give you about following your instincts, is to stay away from roads that don't look like they get much traffic. This is especially true for any travelers who are traveling solo. You don't want to take a chance on getting stranded on a road that no one ever comes down. This bit of travel advice has been made the subject of horror films throughout the years, and is a wise bit of advice, indeed.
How to Get Started
The internet will be your best option to book a racing vacation from the various package choices that are available to you. Will you book a trip to the Daytona 500 in Florida or is the granddaddy race of them all, the Indianapolis 500, more your speed? Racing is a sport that is year round so you should have plenty of Nascar travel packages to choose from.
When you run a search of Nascar travel packages based on the particular races you are interested in, be sure to get several results so that you can compare pricing as well as all of the extras” you would receive. You may find three or four Nascar travel packages for the same race but each one could not only be a different price but you may get a luxury hotel in one or exclusive tours in another. Read the fine print about all the amenities as well as the terms of the trip as well.
What You Can Expect
As mentioned before, each of the Nascar travel packages are different and will offer various amenities and other extras.” For example, one package may have box tickets for a race while another has grandstand tickets or general admission tickets. The hotels may differ as well, not only by star ratings but also by distance too.
The cheaper the Nascar travel packages are the farther away the hotel is, necessitating a rental car for transportation. More expensive Nascar travel packages may book hotels just minutes from the track and include fan passes to tour the pit area or behind the scenes to meet some of the drivers.
The bottom line is that there are plenty of Nascar travel packages available on the internet and even possibly through a local travel agency. The hardest decision to make is how much you are willing to spend to get up close and personal as a racing enthusiast.
A trip to Las Vegas holds wonders for people of all ages. Even if gambling isn't your idea of fun, Las Vegas has entertainment for everyone; from shows, to museums, to some of the most incredible scenery in the world, there's nothing boring about Vegas. If you're looking for the very best deals on Las Vegas travel packages, there's never been a better time than now.
Vegas travel is now cheaper than ever, and there are countless places online where you can find great deals on these packages. In order to make certain that you are getting the very best deal on your Las Vegas travel packages, take a look below at some of the tips our experts have compiled for you.
Comparison Shopping
When you want to purchase Las Vegas travel packages, it is important that you do not buy the very first package you see. This is an easy way to end up spending quite a bit more money than you need to. Instead, visit several of the many different online travel companies that offer these types of travel packages.
The beauty of online travel companies is that you can compare Las Vegas travel packages side by side, without leaving the comfort of your home. Where once you would have had to make appointments and traveled to several different travel agents, now all you need do is open up a new browser window and compare two or more offers at the same time.
Some of the things that you will want to compare when looking at Las Vegas travel packages are the airline, hotels, and other attractions that are included in each package. If you have an airline that you prefer to fly, be certain that the Las Vegas travel packages each company offers include flights on that airline. Each of these companies gets deal from different airlines, so you may have to check several before you find one that will allow you to fly with who you want.
Also, if you want to visit any of the shows while you are in Nevada, you should try to find Las Vegas travel packages that include tickets to these shows. As long as you are planning to see these shows anyway, it seems a good idea to save a few dollars and purchase the tickets through your travel package.
Las Vegas travel packages are a great way to take a vacation with your family. Check out many online travel companies today, and see which travel package is best for you and your family!